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We are proud to be your Hometown Tire Dealer! We have any size and brand of tires that you want or need for your Car, Truck, SUV, Semi Truck and Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Farm Machinery, ATVs, Lawn Mowers... Many sizes and brands in stock and we get deliveries at least twice every day of the week! Call for a price quote today, and remember that our prices have no hidden fees or add ons, stems, cores, mounting, and balancing are all included in the price we quote you. *When you buy a set of tires at Randy's Repair, we always include FREE tire rotations! When you compare prices make sure you ask these questions, plus check out our video for even more information such as how to find your tire size and other factors that can help you make an informed decision when buying tires for any of your vehicles. We have tires for any budget and we can help you decide what works best for you depending on your needs for your vehicle. Do you need a quiet ride on the highway? Do you need to pull a trailer? Do you drive in the fields and mud? Do you travel gravel? Call for your FREE quote... Randy's Repair (816)424-6232

Randy's Repair wants you to make an educated decision when purchasing tires.

This video will help you find your tire size and give you much more information to

insure get the right tire and the highest quality for your budget and needs.

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